Asking “Why Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?” Here’s Why..

You’ve launched a new business. 

You’re excited to get your journey started.

You spread the word. 

On day 1, you see your shop flooded with dozens of people in your network excited to see you kickstart your journey. These are your friends, family members, colleagues, or people who know and support you.

A good day indeed.

You’re excited to see how many products you will sell on the second day of your business.

On day 2, you head over to your store early.

But you see nobody except your employees.

And soon it’s evening. 

It’s closing time and only a few people have visited your store. 

No purchases on day 2.

A bad day indeed.

That’s the story of millions of newly-launched businesses.

The thing is, people don’t know about your business. On day 1, you’ll see your loved ones hopping onto your newly-launched store supporting you. But if you want your prospects and customers flooding your shop with their presence, you need to market your business.


Marketing isn’t something you should ask your existing employees (without any marketing experience) to do. If you’re asking your sales executives to run social media advertising campaigns, it’s highly likely to fail.

And unless you have a gigantic-sized budget, you shouldn’t build an in-house team from scratch. 

To put your best foot forward, it’s important businesses should hire a reliable and well-reputed marketing agency. 

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are this question has flooded your mind a couple of times:

“Why Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?”

We’ve put together this blog post to help you understand why businesses should hire a marketing agency. Let’s dive in.

4 Reasons Businesses Should Hire a Marketing Agency

Here are four reasons companies should hire a marketing agency:

  • Focus Your Time & Efforts on Running Your Business
  • Save Money
  • Access Tools & Resources
  • Get New Creative Ideas

Helps You Focus Your Time & Efforts on Running Your Business

Let’s say you run a restaurant in Boise and are looking forward to expanding your reach on Instagram. So you create your restaurant’s Instagram business account and start posting. In the initial days, you see yourself crossing the 100 followers mark after you ask your friends and family members to follow your page. But as time passes, you see a decline in engagement. You’re stuck at 150 followers after a month or two of kickstarting your Instagram journey.

At the same time, you’re spending hours handling your Instagram account, creating posts, and engaging with your audience. As a result, you’re facing a hard time focusing on running your business, let’s say, handling your restaurant operations.

Similarly, if you ask your staff members to handle your restaurant’s Instagram account or run email marketing campaigns or write blog posts, then you’re asking them to focus their efforts on marketing rather than do what they were hired to do.

Plus, they’re not the experts.

Don’t make this mistake.

Marketing is time-consuming. It’s no piece of cake. You need to understand your target audience, conduct market and target market research, dive deep into your competitors’ strategy, strategize and implement campaigns, monitor what’s working and what’s not, and optimize. 

It’s a never-ending process.

Hiring a marketing agency will help you make sure that you’re strategically marketing your business – without requiring you to train your already-existing employees and asking them to focus their efforts on marketing rather than running the business.

All you need to do is share your requirements, ask one of your staff members to be the agency’s point of contact, conduct regular strategy meetings and track the results. There’s no onboarding, training, or managing involved. 

Save Money

If you are building an in-house marketing team, then you may have to pay full-time salaries, invest in a tech stack, offer incentives, spend money on marketing campaigns, and more. Also, if you’re hiring full-time employees, then you need to spend your money onboarding and training this. Also, let’s not forget about the money you’ll have to spend looking for great talent.

Building an in-house digital marketing team is costly. Also, if you’re letting your existing employees with no marketing experience run your campaigns, then chances are you’re putting your money down the drain. It’s not advisable. 

When you hire a marketing agency, you don’t need to worry about any of this. You don’t need to hire any full-time employees. Also, reliable and results-driven marketing agencies have all the tools and processes in place that they can use to deliver actual results. 

And the best part is that they have a team of dedicated experts who’re ready to help you. These are people with years of industry experience. If you’re looking forward to running paid ads, a reliable marketing agency will have a paid ads expert with years of experience, proven hacks and systems, and processes under their belt. 

Access Tools & Resources

Allow me to put in front of you a few tools that you’ll have to invest in should you decide to build an in-house marketing team:

You’ll likely have to invest in dozens of tools – imagine the amount you’ll be paying for subscriptions. On the other hand, when you work with a marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about any of these monthly or yearly subscriptions. They already have access to veteran tools and resources that they need to help you grow your business.

Wan to focus on your SEO efforts? They probably have access to SEO tools like Ahrefs or Semrush. Want to run email marketing campaigns? They may already have access to email marketing software like Klaviyo. 

While vetting marketing agencies, it’s advisable to ask them which tools they have in their arsenal. If you’re hiring them for SEO, they should probably have access to Ahrefs or Semrush. If not, ask them – what tool they use to conduct keyword research – if they don’t have the answer, they’re not reliable, and you should avoid them at all costs. 

Looking forward to hiring an SEO agency? You should read our “How to Choose the Right SEO Company to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings in 2022” article. 

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Get New Creative Ideas

We live in a fiercely competitive world. Whether you run a restaurant or a clothing store, chances are dozens, if not hundreds, of your direct competitors are running marketing campaigns to attract the same set of people you’re. And if you ask your already-existing employees with no marketing experience to handle your campaigns, they’ll face a hard time being creative and strategic. 

The reason? They are not familiar with what they are doing. And when you’re not familiar with something and are still in the learning stage, you can’t be as creative as when you’re highly experienced and comfortable.

If you ask your sales executive to run email marketing campaigns, chances are that they will go by the book and apply a few beginner strategies. And since they aren’t comfortable with what they are doing, they will not be creative. However, when you hire someone who knows their way around, they will be much more comfortable being creative with their campaigns. 

Also, when you hire someone, who’s not a part of your business, you’ll get a fresh perspective. And sometimes, it’s really important to have a fresh perspective from someone who’s not a part of your business.

Hiring a marketing agency will help you work with people who know their way around and are industry experts. Also, you’ll get a fresh perspective, which is something that can turn out to be really beneficial for you. 

Why Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?

When you work with the right marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about listening back from them, facing difficulty getting your queries resolved, or not achieving results. 

A reliable and results-driven marketing agency will not only guide you throughout the process but also work closely with you to make sure that your requirements are being fulfilled and expectations are being met. 

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