5 Reasons Boise-Based Businesses Should Tap into the Power of Facebook Advertising.

“Advertising is totally unnecessary.
Unless you hope to make money.”
– Jef Richards

With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular and used social media platform with unbelievable potential. Facebook’s advertising reach stands at a staggering 2.1 billion people, so businesses spend billions of dollars advertising their products/services on the platform.

Data fetched from Statista indicate that Meta’s advertising revenue stood at a staggering $32 billion in Q4 2021. While this number includes Instagram’s ad revenue, a massive portion comes from businesses advertising their products and services on Facebook.

Your prospects and already-existing customers are hanging out on Facebook right now. 

Maybe they haven’t discovered your business. Or perhaps they abandoned their carts and bounced off your website.

Whatever stage of their customer journeys, you can use Facebook ads to engage them and pull them further into your marketing funnel to convert them into paying customers. 

To help you navigate the realm of Facebook advertising, we have put together this blog post where we’ll be shedding light on the five most powerful reasons Boise-based businesses should tap into the power of Facebook ads.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

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5 Powerful Reasons Boise-based Businesses
Should Run Facebook Ads in 2022

Here are five reasons why Boise-based businesses should run Facebook ads in 2022:

  1. Allows businesses to laser-target their audience
  2. Gives you the opportunity to run different types of ad campaigns 
  3. Does not always require you to spend thousands of dollars each month
  4. Allows businesses to tap into its massive advertising reach
  5. Helps businesses measure their ad campaigns with its advanced analytics dashboard

1. Allows Businesses to Laser-Target Their Audience

Let’s say you run a leather bags store in Idaho and don’t ship your products out of state. This means your target audience is made of Idaho residents who are interested in purchasing leather bags. 

Now, if you are running Facebook ads, what if your ads are being displayed to non-Idaho residents? 

In that case, you’d be wasting your precious advertising dollars, right?

After all, if you don’t ship your products outside of Idaho, there’s no point in displaying ads in front of non-Idaho residents.

And that’s where Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities come in. 

The example mentioned above is really basic. 

With Facebook allowing advertisers to laser-target their audience, you can rest assured that your ads will be displayed in front of the people who are most likely to purchase your product(s) or service(s).

Facebook offers an impressive level of detail and targeting capabilities, as you can narrow down your target audience based on:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Employment history
  • Language
  • Political affiliation
  • Education
  • Recent purchases
  • Behaviors
  • And more!

While setting up Facebook ads, you can narrow down your audience with a high level of precision. At the same time, you can reach new people with Facebook’s “lookalike audience”- people who share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

Lastly, you can also get in touch with people who have engaged with your business in the past, whether it’s online or offline. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet today.

It’s important to note that Google is planning on discontinuing third-party cookies, making it hard for advertisers to hyper-personalize their ads. They will face a hard time putting their ads in front of relevant people. However, with strategic planning and first-party data, you can run highly-converting Facebook ads. This is something that our strategic experts would love to help you with!

2. Gives You The Opportunity to Run Different Types of Ad Campaigns

One of the other major advantages of running Facebook ads is that the platform allows you to run different types of ad campaigns. The kind of ad campaign you should run heavily depends on your needs and requirements. For example, if you think your audience loves watching videos, you can always run strategic video ad campaigns on Facebook. On the other hand, a carousel or collection ads would be a perfect fit if you want to showcase your product collection.

Following are a few ad types that you can tap into to achieve the best possible results:

Facebook Ad Type Description
Photo Static single image with a caption
Video Videos varying in length which will appear in user feeds, in stories, and in-stream
Stories Customizable ads that appear while your audience watch Facebook Stories
Messenger Ads appearing in Facebook messenger
Carousel Facebook ads consisting of over ten static images that can be swiped through
Collection Ads to show multiple products
Slideshow Short video clip ads with motion, sound, and text
Playables Interactive demo games that can be used to get your audience to download your game or application.

Multiple Facebook ad types can help you get your creative juices flowing and set up ad campaigns that deliver actual results.

3. Does Not Necessarily Require You to Spend Thousands of Dollars Each Month

The amount you spend on your Facebook ad campaigns will vary depending on your goals, needs, and requirements. If you are just getting started and have a pretty limited budget, let’s say $100 per month, then you don’t have to worry about not being able to run Facebook ads just because you have a pretty limited budget.

Whether your budget is $100 or $100,000 per month, you can run Facebook ads to put your product(s) and service(s) in front of your target audience. The only thing that’ll vary is the reach of your ads.

Obviously, if you have a $100 budget, you’ll not be able to reach the same number of people you’d be able to with a $100,000 budget. Hence, it’s really important to be strategic and creative with your ads, allowing you to have a higher conversion rate.

And as you are subject to increased sales and want to grow your business, you can increase your daily/monthly Facebook ads budget, allowing you to reach out to more people and strategically grow your business. 

4. Allows Businesses to Tap into its Massive Advertising Reach

As mentioned already, Facebook’s advertising reach stands at a staggering 2.1 billion people. By running Facebook ad campaigns, this means that you can reach a huge chunk of your target audience. 

Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the internet today and helps Meta (the parent company of Facebook) generate billions of dollars each year.

By running ads on Facebook, you’ll be able to put your brand in front of a huge chunk of your target audience. 

But if you want to achieve the best possible results, you need to do it right. Targeting the right set of people, building high-quality content, and tracking the right metrics can be tricky. Facebook advertising is the best tool you can equip yourself with – but it’s up to you to determine how sharp you want this tool to be!

5. Helps Businesses Measure Their Ad Campaigns with its Advanced Analytics Dashboard

In the realm of marketing, if you want your campaigns to be a success, you need to try consistently, test, and optimize them to the point that they help you generate an outstanding ROI.

For example, if you are just getting started with Facebook ads, then in the initial stages, you won’t know what type of ads your audience reacts to. Either you can conduct competitive analysis or do guesswork, but you’ll only know, for sure, when you run Facebook ads in real time.

Maybe your audience doesn’t react well to video ads. In that case, there’s no point in running Facebook video ad campaigns. 

You need to track the right metrics to measure your Facebook ads performance. Luckily, Facebook allows advertisers to dive deep into their campaigns and track relevant metrics like ad impressions, relevance score, cost per result, engagement, and more to help advertisers gain insights into their campaigns.

If your click-through rate is high yet you are subject to a 90 or 95% bounce rate, the problem is with your website. If you have a really poor click-through rate with high impressions, then either your ads are not relevant to the people they are being displayed in front of or they are not creative and engaging.

Measuring your Facebook ads performance will allow you to understand how well your campaigns are performing. Based on this, you can optimize the campaigns further to achieve the best possible results.

We have to admit- Facebook advertising is powerful. You’ll only know when you dive into the deep waters and step into its realm.

But if you are investing your top dollars in Facebook ads, we’d advise you to do it right. From planning a fool-proof Facebook advertising strategy to measuring your performance, businesses need to approach it systematically – that’s the only way to achieve ground-breaking results.

At redfox visual, we’ve helped dozens of businesses achieve mind-blowing results – as we have the right processes, systems, and a group of strategic experts in place. And we’d love nothing more than to do the same for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hire the #1 Facebook advertising agency today. 

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