3 Reasons Wineries Should Have a Website.

So, here’s the thing:

You have one of the most beautiful vineyards with a breathtaking landscape.

On top of that, your wine tastes like a heavenly drink. 

You have a group of loyal customers – but these are the only people who purchase from you.

And that’s all.

You don’t have a website. Maybe you have one – but it doesn’t capture the aesthetic of the experience you offer or the product you have. 

And if that’s the case, you’ll face a hard time reaching out to as many of your prospects or customers as possible. 

Having a wine that tastes like a heavenly drink isn’t enough.

If you want to reach out to as many wine enthusiasts as possible, you need to have a solid online presence. Most importantly, you need to have a website – it’s literally the front desk of your winery business – where your audience can hop onto to gain more information about your business or even purchase your wine. 

To help you better understand why wineries should have a website, we’ve put together this blog post, where we’ve mentioned three obvious yet crucial reasons. 

Let’s dive in.

3 Reasons Wineries Should Have a Website

Following are the three reasons we’ll be discussing throughout this post:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Increase Your Sales + Revenue
  • Attract More People to Your Vineyard

Build Brand Awareness

If you’ve launched your own winery recently and/or have a little-to-no online presence, chances are that only a select few people know about your winery brand – not more. And while they may adore your brand, a limited group of loyal customers can only get you so far.

Let’s say – your winery is based in Boise, and a select few people in Boise love your wine and purchase from you regularly. When they refer your winery to their loved ones in other areas of Idaho, chances are that these people may want to hop onto your website and know more about your winery.

But wait! What if you don’t have a website?

Or worse – what if you have an extremely dull and boring website that doesn’t even help you convey your message?

You can spend months building your brand value via word-of-mouth. But it’ll be of no use if you don’t have a website or a poorly designed one. 

It’s important to note that wine is a luxury item, and people don’t mind paying top dollars for delicious wine. If you don’t have a website or if your website doesn’t match the glory of your bottles, then people may find themselves hesitant to purchase from you.

Wine enthusiasts want to know about the experience that you’re going to provide. In fact, they even want to know your story. But if you don’t convey your story in an engaging manner – or if you don’t convey your story at all, then they may not care. You need a website to not just present your luxurious wine but also build an emotional connection with your audience.

And when you see more and more people hopping onto your winery website after being referred by their loved ones, they’d love nothing more than to explore your business even further. That’s how you can increase brand awareness.

Increase Your Sales + Revenue

People love drinking wine. And they don’t mind paying the premium price for premium drinks. But if you want to maximize your sales, you need to have a website. And we don’t mean a one or two-pager website.

We’d advise you to build an eCommerce store where you can sell your bottles of wine.

What if you run a winery based in Boise, yet someone from New York wants to purchase your premium wine bottle? This person obviously won’t head over to Boise anytime soon. 

So you’re missing out on a customer. 

Selling your wine online can help you expand your reach and cater to a wide audience. But while building an eCommerce store, it’s important to make sure that you’re balancing the aesthetics of your website with the purchasing functionality. 

Your customers should easily be able to explore and find your products while at the same time also get to know more about your business. At the same time, it’s extremely important to have a smooth checkout process for your customers – if you deliver a smooth experience at every stage of their journey, they wouldn’t mind ordering again. But if they face a hard time adding your products to their cart or during checkout, then they may find themselves getting frustrated and may never visit your website again.

All in all, having an eCommerce-focused winery website will help you expand your reach, cater to more people, and increase your sales and revenue. 

oregon vineyard in willamette valley. a picturesque view of a vineyard in oregon show's that it's almost time to start harvesting the wine grapes in the fall season.

Attract More People to Your Vineyard

Want to attract more and more people to your vineyard? These days, people conduct thorough research prior to visiting a restaurant or any local business out there. Online reviews, pictures, videos, and your website are all numerous factors that contribute to your customer’s purchasing decision.

Before planning a trip to a vineyard, your customers may want to see how your place looks, how your past customers’ experience has been, what you’re offering, and more. You can show the tiniest details on your website – from pictures of your vineyard to premium products to customer experiences. 

You can even add user-generated content to your website to show your past customers’ experiences. And it’s not just the local people we’re talking about – tourists who don’t really know anything about your neighborhood are highly likely to visit your website prior to planning their trip. And if they find your website flooded with mesmerizing vineyard pictures along with happy customer pictures and premium products, then they’d love nothing more than to add your vineyard to their to-visit list.

In today’s digital age, not having a website is the worst thing you can do to your business. Whether you run a restaurant based in Boise or a winery, you need to have a website. 

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